Christmas, 1994

Dear Friends,

Well, 1994 has blown by. I guess that's a sign that we're getting older.

The year was marked by good times and sadness. My grandmother in Trenton, NJ, celebrated her 90th birthday. She received bouquets of flowers and other gifts on her special day, and was in high spirits. She will join us for this Christmas season. My dad has been diagnosed with metastisized melanoma and has had several tumors removed from his body. We are holding our breath on this, while researching alternative treatments. So far he has had the gamut of conventional treatments, all of which have had no favorable effects.

The children are maturing rapidly, as expected. Anthony and Joseph are 14 and now in high school. They have both made the senior band and followed a regimen of field practice for marching at half time during football games. They continue to have straight A average. They still like to program their Commodore 64 computer, but now have a Macintosh at their disposal, so they're spending quite a bit of time learning and playing with that system.

Samuel is 4 and goes to pre-school 3 days/week. He is building on what he has learned at home. His performance at the school's Christmas show was one of the best. He has also found some buddies in our neighborhood and is having lots of fun. Lisa, now 3 years old, has finally mastered the art of potty-training and she is darned proud of it. Of course, we are proud of her, too, not to mention the decrease in the diaper bill we should see. Both Samuel and Lisa have learned to run their CD-ROM educational programs on the Mac, and they can turn the machine on as well as shut it down. Now all we have to do is keep them from fighting over it.

Ellen is doing well. She still has her part-time job at a local day care, and has begun teaching floor exercise classes at the YMCA. Of course, being a full-time Mom is always keeping her on the go. I am still at Huntsman Chemical. There are planned expansions for 1995, for which we are working at full capacity to be ready. The job continues to challenge me and I am very happy there.

We took our big vacation in July, as is our norm. We travelled to Washington-Baltimore, New Hampshire (Mt. Washington area), and Falmouth, MA (Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard). The children got to see the Smithsonian museums as well as some of the nation's most famous buildings. Along the way we visited friends and family in Georgia, Virginia, and New Jersey. We even managed to catch an Orioles game at their new Camden Yards stadium (I recommend it highly for a fun baseball experience).

This Christmas we are thankful for our children, our friends, and the opportunity to be together as a family. We hope that all had a great year and are happy and prosperous in the coming year. Ellen and I welcome visits, so if you plan to be near Houston, please come by! We'd love to see you.

Mark, Ellen, Anthony, Joseph, Samuel, and Lisa


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